12 Vape Liquids for 2022

In 2022, vaping has become increasingly popular. It’s significantly better for your health by over 95%. Not only is vaping better for you, it’s much cheaper than smoking. There are also options for Tobacco Free Nicotine vapes with a variety of flavors. 

Find the 12 best vape liquids from Fern Pine Distro below:

Tobacco Phix 4 Pods

Phix Pods - Original Tobacco

PHIX vape pods contain 1.5 ml of e-liquid, Phix pods last up to twice as long as those for competing pod vaping systems.

Menthol Phix 4 Pods

All Phix flavor juices are proprietary and specifically formulated for this device and pod. Our formulation creates the perfect amount of throat hit at 5% nicotine. 

Infzn Melon Mint

INFZN Melon Mint

Melon Mint is sure to refresh and impress anyone whose a fan of minty honeydew and fresh cucumber, the INFZN nic salts making for a smooth, satisfying experience that is perfect for any refillable pod mod.

Infzn Grape Mint

INFZN Grape Mint

Classic grape flavor is joined by a minty fresh menthol kick, INFZN nicotine salts make for a smooth, satisfying experience that is perfect for any refillable pod mod.

Infzn Tobacco Custard

INFZN Tobacco Custard

This juice is sure to satisfy any tobacco lovers sweet tooth, the INFZN nicotine salt formula making for a truly smooth experience that is perfect for any refillable pod mod.

Infzn Cool Watermelon

INFZN Cool WatermelonThe INFZN Tobacco Free Nicotine VapeE-Juice is a 30ML e-juice vapor product. INFZN TFN ejuice are used in mod or refillable devices. INFZN eliquids are made in the US and are specially formulated to complement our authentic and lab tested TFN (Tobacco Free Nicotine). 

Infzn Apple


This classic apple flavor is perfect for those craving the taste of a crispy green apple, and can be used in any refillable pod modINFZN Apple salt nicotine vape juice complete this vape juice for a truly satisfying vape experience. 

Infzn Mango Mint

INFZN Mango Mint

Juicy mango flavor with a minty menthol kick does the most in a delicious mix of flavors that is perfect for any refillable pod mod. Mango Mint is made with the INFZN nic salts formula, making a smooth satisfying vape every time.

Infzn Vanilla Waffle Cone

INFZN Vanilla Waffle Cone

Enjoy your favorite dessert anytime, anywhere you want, the INFZN nicotine salt formula making for a completely satisfying experience. The vanilla waffle cone flavor brings a great dessert profile for your refillable device.

Brewell Hard Strawberry

Brewell Hard Strawberry

Sweet strawberry jelly filled candy. Grandma's favorite strawberry jelly filled candy just became even more irresistible. Sweet, tart, and oh so delicious. Hard Strawberry brings you those delicious candies from your memories to life. 

Infzn Lemon Cake

INFZN Lemon CakeThis fruity juice will give you that sweet lemon cake taste you crave, without having to hear about how much you've grown. INFZN nic salts formula make for a completely satisfying vaping experience, perfect for any refillable pod mod.

Infzn Blue Raspberry

INFZN Blue Raspberry

This classic blue raspberry fruit flavor can now be enjoyed with INFZN nicotine salt, making for a smooth satisfying vaping experience that's perfect for any refillable pod mod. 

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Fern Pine Distro have a variety of flavors of Phix pods and Tobacco Free Nicotine you simply can’t miss out on!

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