Bestseller: PHIX and PHIX Pods by Major League Vapers

An ideal starter vaping system by MLV, for anyone looking to replace cigarettes for nicotine salt based vaping, PHIX and PHIX Pods are one of our bestsellers here at Fern Pine Distro.

What makes PHIX so popular?

Utilizing an easy to use, closed vaping system, choosing PHIX as you transition from cigarettes to vaping is a no-brainer! The vape uses a Pod containing a pre-set amount of liquid and nicotine - no mixing required. You also don’t need to worry about buying atomizers, coils, tanks or other modifications like you would with an open vaping system. The device does not feature a button - juist inhale to activate.

The Battery

PHIX Vape comes with a 280mah internal battery. When unboxed you’ll already have approximately 20% battery, enough for about 30 minutes vaping. The magnetic charger produces enough battery power to sustain one vaporizer for approximately 220 puffs - most cigarette smokers average an estimated 200 puffs a day, meaning that your PHIX pen will last you just over 24 hours. Each PHIX comes with a charger and you can also charge the device from your laptop or with a 0.5-1 charging adapter.  


The basic kit features a water-resistant casing, battery, charger and one pod which magnetically clicks into place. Each device features a battery light indicator in blue, orange (for charging) and red (for low battery). The thinly designed shell of the device is available in black, blue, white or red and all are accentuated by the juice window. PHIX lanyards are also available from our online store.


Non-refillable and disposable, PHIX Pods fit the PHIX devices and come in either Original Tobacco or Menthol Tobacco flavors. Available in packs of 4 pods, each pod provides around 400 to 440 puffs depending on the user - the equivalent of 2 packets of cigarettes. Each 1.5ml pod contains 5% salt based nicotine (50mg nicotine). All PHIX flavor juices are proprietary and specifically formulated for the PHIX device and Pod.

Shop our PHIX range of devices, pods, bundles and accessories here. Or, if you need a little more information, here’s everything you need to know about salt based tobacco-free nicotine.

To get your PHIX, contact Fern Pine Distro on (323) 834 9576 today!

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