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No matter how long you have been vaping, sometimes vaping etiquette takes a back seat to politeness when you are out in public or in a small group. There is no legitimate or formal Rules of Vaping book, but experienced vapers do follow some common sense vaping etiquette around other people.

Common Sense Vaping Etiquette

Keep these tips in mind and you will avoid the faux pas that some vaping enthusiasts commit without realizing it. Being an informed and polite vaper will also help some of your smoking friends better understand why people vape and the benefits of vaping. 

You may even encourage someone to visit a vape shop where they can find a variety of electronic cigarettes or e vape mods to choose from and switch from smoking to vaping too.

Vaping Around Children and Pets

For some people, vaping around children and pets is no different than smoking a cigarette around children and pets. Unless the child's parents also vape in their home around their own children, ask first if you have their permission or would they prefer you step outside or walk a short distance away to vape. 

Even dogs and cats can have allergies and many people consider their pets to be their children, so it is important to ask first if you can vape around their pets.

common sense vaping around children and pets

The Stealth Vape

There are a couple of ways people try to be a stealthy vaper. One way is to use a discreet device like a PHIX's pod vaping system. It is sleek and small and you can virtually hide it in your hand or up your sleeve. However, you cannot hide the vapor clouds if you are out in public. 

Another way to be stealthy when you are out in public is discreetly move yourself away from other people. For example, if you use vape pens rather than box mods, you can use a restroom and choose the stall that is farthest from the door. Be sure to blow small clouds so they stay within your own stall and no one will be the wiser.

Vaping in Crowded Areas

Even though you may be outdoors, it is best to be polite and not vape in crowded areas. For example, you may be standing outside at a busy public transport area waiting for a bus. Some people may not appreciate having you blow vapour near them. It is more polite to move away from any confined space first before you start vaping.

people vape in a crowded confined space vaping ettiquette

If you are indoors where vaping is allowed, for example at a bar, and it is a crowded, busy night, unless the people near you are already vaping, it is more considerate to ask first if they mind if you vape, or step to a clearer area first.

Do Not Be a Cloud Chaser in Public

Many people vape for the sheer enjoyment of cloud chasing. They must see how many billows of vapour clouds their new e-vape mods will generate. If you are a cloud-chasing enthusiast, avoid vaping close to other people. Simply walk away to a clear area and create as many vape clouds as you want without disturbing anyone else.

Educate, Not Intimidate

Be kind to others who do not understand the technology or benefits of vaping. Do not criticize them if they still smoke; conversely, encourage them to ask questions about why you vape and how they can start and you will make new vaping friends.

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