Do you still need to wear a mask after your vaccine?

So you’ve had your vaccine and you’re wondering if you still need to wear a mask?

The short answer - YES!

It is possible that you can still contract COVID-19 after receiving the vaccine as it can take a number of weeks before the vaccine starts to take effect. Vaccinated people can subsequently transmit the virus without any symptoms; so the biggest risk is that they spread this to others who have not been vaccinated yet.

What does it mean to be fully vaccinated?

You are considered to be fully vaccinated if you match at least one of the following requirements:

  • It has been at least two weeks since you received a single-dose vaccine
  • It has been at least two weeks since you received your second shot of a two-dose vaccine

At Fern Pine Distro, we are helping shed light on the key reasons you should continue to wear your mask, even after receiving the vaccine.

Vaccines Do Not Provide Immediate Protection

It can take around two weeks for the immune system to make antibodies to prevent the viral infection. Even then, not one of covid vaccines are proven to be 100% effective, so it's crucial to continue to wear your mask even if you don’t believe you should.

Covid vaccines take longer to establish themselves in your body than other inoculations, as both the Modera and Pfizeer demand two doses. Full protection will not occur until five or six weeks after the first shot.

The Vaccine Does Not Stop You From Spreading the Virus

Although the vaccine helps to stop you contracting the virus. Unfortunately, the vaccine does not stop you from spreading this deadly disease. In order to stop the spread, wearing your mask in public areas will not only protect yourself, but most importantly protect others around you. If you knew you had the virus would you go around the supermarket without a mask, while elderly vulnerable people are doing their weekly shopping?

Wearing a mask as a preventive and precautionary measure in public areas allows for peace-of-mind, knowing you are taking the correct precautions in case you did catch the virus.

From this, meeting your loved ones without a mask could put them at risk of getting the virus. This may be heightened further if certain individuals have a compromised immune system or they have not yet received the vaccine just yet.

You’re Helping Businesses and Schools Stay Open

From wearing your mask, practicing social distancing and taking the proper precautionary measures to help overcome this virus, you are helping businesses and schools stay open. In turn, this will allow the economy to get back up and running quicker than they may have expected..

So, What’s The Point of Getting the Vaccine If I Still Have to Wear a Mask?

Even after being fully vaccinated, it is important to continue observing social-distancing measures and mask-wearing in public as it protects you and the many others around you; therefore, preventing the transmission of the disease into the wider community.

Many people who have come to the supermarket may be simply doing essential food shopping for a loved one that could be shielding at home. If you were carrying the virus, could you live with yourself knowing you had been so selfish and given this deadly virus to vulnerable people?

It’s so important to wear your mask as the world is slowly returning to a new normal. You may think that you are now able to walk around free without your mask. But, In order to further protect yourself and the people around you - wear your mask!

We hope this has helped you truly understand the impotence of mask wearing even if you are fully vaccinated. If you don’t have a well functioning mask already, purchase one of Fern Pine Distros PureMSK Face Masks to ensure you are fully protected at all times. 

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