Instructions on how to use your Phix Vapor - Fern Pine Distro
  1. Before use, please remove the colored cap from the PHIX Pod. A new PHIX device will come with an estimated 20% charge.
  2. Place the uncovered PHIX pod into the PHIX device to reveal a sense of satisfaction as the magnets click. BAM! The PHIX is ready for use.
  3. No buttons required, simply hit the PHIX using slow, steady mouth to lung hits. No need to showo , take it easy for your first few drags.
  4. To Charge your PHIX device, plug in the USB into a 0.5 - 1 amp adapter and connect the base of the PHIX to the USB magnetic charger. Magnetic click! You are now charging. A light indicator on the device will stay lit when charging. When fully charged, the indicator will blink 3 times then turn o . As a safety precaution, the device is not intended to use while charging.

TIP: Highly recommended to use a .5 – 1 amp adapter/wall plug to achieve optimal charge time and preserve battery life. Using a higher amp charger may damage the battery.

Controlled power to allow a consistent delivery 

Convenient magnetic charger

Ceramic coil inside each pod

Dimension: 19x110x10.75 mm

Capacity 1.5 ml

Battery Cell: Lithium, 280 mAh built in   

FAQ for your Phix Kit or Phix Pods

Minor leaking from your Phix pods does not mean it is defective. This is a normal occurrence in vapor products and here are some tips to prevent spit back from your Phix device. If your Phix pod is leaking slightly, you can continue to use it, but wipe off the juice before inserting back into your device or clear out the air way with a tissue. Leaking can occur when juice is pulled up into the air path due to one of the following reasons:

Puffing aggressively on the mouthpiece - This is a mouth to throat hit so try puffing more gently. Phix has a tighter draw so inhaling too fast or hard can cause the juice to come out.

Condensation - If you leave your Phix in your car the high temperature causes condensation and may create condensation build up in the air way.  

Low voltage - Battery runs low as it's not burning the juice as fast, which leads to juice coming up as well.

That being said, if your clearing out the pod (take pod out of device and blow out with a tissue held to the back) and actually cleaning the pod (insert a rolled up piece of tissue into the mouthpiece to soak up the juice) and it spits back every few draws, it might be a defect. Please contact our warranty department at

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