Outbreak of Lung Disease caused by blackmarket counterfeit goods not Vaping - Fern Pine Distro

Over the past couple months government officials and President Trump have pointed the finger at the vape industry for the recent causes of death. What has been discovered is that the actual cause of these incidents are from cannabis counterfeit products that are using vitamin e acetate as a cutting agent. Phix Vape products do not contain any vitamin e acetate and is not responsible for any of the related deaths. 

Here's an article from CEI which breakdowns what is the real cause for the deaths: 


Here's also an article from New York which the governor just announced a flavor ban on nicotine vape products even after New York officials claimed Vitamin E acetate was the main culprit: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/05/health/vaping-illness-lung-vitamin-e.html 

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