The Facts About Vaping - Vaping FAQ

What is Vaping?

Vaping is inhaling and exhaling vapour by using an electronic cigarette. Vaping shows the evolution of smoking and replaces many negative connotations related to tobacco, particularly now there is the option to use tobacco-free nicotine.

How does vaping work?

Vaping works when the e-liquid is heated to create a vapour that is then inhaled and exhaled. This vapour can come in many different flavours and strengths, both with and without nicotine (TFN). Vaping can be a healthier alternative to smoking. 

Does vaping always use Tobacco?

No, vaping doesn’t have to use tobacco! TFN® nicotine offers smokers and tobacco users a real alternative to tobacco products, as well as true alternatives to tobacco that is free of all tobacco. Unlike some other nicotine, our TFN® product is devoid of any tobacco constituents from point of selection of raw material inputs through to the completion of its manufacturing process. This means TFN is allowed by the FDA as long as retailers pay the taxes!

How do electronic cigarettes work?

There are 3 main components to a vaping device: battery; clearomizer or tank; the e-liquid.

The battery sends a current through the coil of resistance that’s inside the clearomizer. This is heated gently to evaporate the e-liquid to a vapour. 

Will vaping help me quit smoking?

Vaping has helped many people stop smoking. Quitting smoking can be tough and vaping is a good way to quit cigarettes and get a nicotine hit with a lot fewer toxins that come from burning tobacco. There is also the option to have TFN (Tobacco-Free Nicotine).

Although vaping is much less harmful than smoking, it’s not completely harmless. 

Does vaping taste the same as smoking tobacco?

There are many flavours that can replicate the tobacco flavour. Our Tobacco-free nicotine range can come in disposables, E juices and INFZN pods. Quality vapes can easily replicate smoking and the rush you get from nicotine. 

How are e-liquids made?

E-liquids are made through mixing and steeping - Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine flavourings and if you wanted nicotine. 

What are the different vape products?

Popular vaping products include e-cigarettes, vape E juice and vape pens to name a few. These vary widely in size, shape and design. Some look like computer flash drives or highlighters, whereas others are bulky and box-like. With the many vape varieties, there are TFN products that are free from any tobacco.  

What is in vape juice or e-liquid?

Vape E juice is a liquid that is vaporized into an aerosol cloud. Vape juice typically contains three ingredients: propylene glycol and/or glycerin, food grade flavor concentrate for flavoring and nicotine. Vaping doesn’t give off the telltale smell of smoking marijuana or cigarettes. 

Can E Juice be Tobacco-Free?

Fern Pine Distro Ejuices can be tobacco-free as it's been announced by the FDA that they will allow it as long as retailers pay the taxes.  Our most recent blog all about tobacco-free nicotine gives you all the answers you need about TFN. If you are a wholesaler and looking for TFN products then we can help you. Check out the wholesale signup sheet for a wholesale account.

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