The Top 5 Trends Vape Businesses Need To Know Going Into 2022

In 2021, new vape trends emerged within the industry that shaped the choices of both vape brands and vapers alike. There are many exciting changes in the e-cigarette market that will take place in 2022, so Fern Pine Distro have named just a few your business needs to know before entering 2022.

Increased Regulations

With increased popularity comes increased regulations. This will add to the already strict rules surrounding the vape industry. There have been many worries about the safety of vapers, so it is extremely likely that these regulations will become even tighter. 

Increased Popularity of Nicotine Salts 

INFZN Nicotine Salts are still relatively unknown. They are becoming increasingly popular as they allow the user to enjoy an extreme nicotine hit safely. 

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Caffeinated Liquids and Flavoured E-Cigarettes 

The popularity of caffeinated liquids here in the USA has skyrocketed. The increased demand has sent many US vapers into a frenzy of desire as these caffeinated liquids are still not legal. The beauty of this liquid is the ability to give you a dual hit of both nicotine and caffeine. 

There is also set to be an increased demand for flavoured e-cigarettes as vapers are now seeking more sophisticated flavor profiles. Complex, gourmet vape flavours US customers love are likely to be very much in demand in 2021. 

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Smartphone Controlled Device 

This is something that is already starting to increase in popularity. Vape devices that can connect to a Smartphone via Bluetooth are certain to take the industry by storm this year. When these vape devices are connected to your phone, you can operate the device through your phone and check the status of your vape. 

The general trend of integrated technology has surged in the world of vapes.

A Demand for Tobacco-Free Nicotine 

Tobacco-Free Nicotine (TFN) contains nicotine but doesn’t have any tobacco within it. Because of this, Nicotine doesn’t have impurities that you would normally see and associate with tobacco. TFN is clean of the impurities that can occur when you use vapes. 

Because of this, it is highly likely that TFN will see a surge in users when we enter into 2022. 

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