Tobacco-Free Nicotine: The Future of Vaping As We Know It?

There has been a lot of interest around the topic of Tobacco-Free nicotine in recent months, particularly around September time, when we veered into the brink of the PMTA (premarket Tobacco Application) deadline. 

Unsurprisingly, this has raised many questions about the viability of such a product like “tobacco-free” nicotine, as we have become so accustomed to these two products being used interchangeably in your conventional cigarette, that the thought of being free of ‘tobacco’ may seem like a crazy idea to many individuals. 

Moreover, people within the vaping industry are eager to understand how this will compare with their typical e-cigarettes and whether this will affect the industry in any way. We aim to explore all of this within this piece...

What is tobacco-free nicotine? 

I guess a useful starting place for gaining insight into this product is by explaining exactly what tobacco-free nicotine actually is...

Tobacco-free nicotine (TFN) is a synthetic nicotine that is not derived from tobacco leaves, stems or any expanded or post-production waste dust. Instead, this product is a man-made formula which utilizes an extract replica of tobacco-derived nicotine, progressively building around the same molecules found in your traditional tobacco, as seen with comparable characteristics like being odorless and having no distinct taste. 

However, unlike tobacco, TFN is scientifically designed without any residual impurities that tobacco-derived nicotine contains, with increased purity and potency for consumers, classifying it as an overall ‘better quality’ product. 

What are the benefits of tobacco-free nicotine? 

Often the term “synthetic” is used in a pejorative sense by a large proportion of individuals. In this day and age, consumers are constantly searching for the most ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ version of most products across a wide array of industries. However, this outlook is quite the contrary when referring to something like tobacco. Years of scientific and anecdotal evidence have demonstrated that the most natural version of things like ‘tobacco’ is not always the better option. I guess this explains the vested interest in the creation of TFN over recent months; and with good reason. 

Next Generation labs are the existing “owners” (so to speak) of TFN due to their patent of the chemical formula and what they have to say about it is extremely interesting from an consumers perspective. Their benefits are summarised below; 

  • TFN is devoid of many of the impurities that tobacco-derived nicotine contains, which in some cases could be using kerosene to extract nicotine which may not fully clear out during purification 
  • TFN ‘is virtually tasteless and odorless, providing a purer flavor and less of a need for added sweeteners or artificial flavors
  • TFN provides the same biological impact as tobacco-derived nicotine - providing the same satisfaction for adult smokers as other nicotine 
  • Manufactured to exceed USP and EP grade requirements 
  • All of its ingredients are purchased from accredited suppliers

Next generation labs stipulate that the chemical formulas found in TFN are superior in the sense that the virtually tasteless and odorless flavor found in TFN does not affect the profile of e-juice, which allows for the addition of a higher nicotine content, thus providing the same satisfaction as one would with a tobacco-derived cigarette. However, this is devoid of many residual tobacco compounds and impurities - making it a better product with the same overall feeling and affect. 

What control do the FDA have over TFN?

Currently, the FDA technically has no control over Tobacco Free nicotine. The means that vape juice using TFN is not bound to the PMTA deadline, process, r any involvement with the Food and Drug administration. 

Is TFN the future of vape juice?  

So this then begs the question, what is the role of TFN within the vaping industry and how important will it be to the future of vape juice. Just like vape mods have taken over from cig-a-likes, the vaping industry is centred around products that are both innovative in design, with the motivation of being less-harmful than nicotine products. So to assume that there is a place for TFN within the vaping landscape would be a completely fair statement. 

The comparatively clean flavor of synthetic tobacco, which equates to simpler flavors and fewer sweeteners is definitely part of the appeal with TFN. With exotic flavors like mango, guava and pear all integrated within the product, we can suspect that there is a bright future and huge potential for TFN within the marketplace. 

Here at Fernpinedistro, we have a range of TFN products for consumers who are eager to try a product that is purer in design but maintains great quality flavors. From disposable spec, INFZM and NUpop lines, Fern Pine Distro offer an assortment of exotic flavors for consumers to choose from. Browse our online store today to find out for yourself...

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