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Phix by MLV and vape device users can now rejoice as the proof has finally arrived. Advocates of this smoking alternative have been championing this as the main advantage of using e-cigarette devices for a while—that they're one of the best  tools to use to quit smoking. 


A recent study from UC San Diego discovered that the rate of people quitting smoking rose from 4.5% in 2014 to 5.6% just a year later. The research credits the increase to people switching from ordinary tobacco products to vapes and sticking with them. 

Campaigns to encourage more people to stop smoking were also attributed to the overall increase of more people quitting. 

Research Behind Vape Devices How They Help You Stop Smoking

The research included data from more than 160,000 people surveyed to find out if e-cigarettes helped them in their journey to quit smoking. The answers showed that those who used e-cigarettes had a higher chance of attempting to quit as opposed to non-users (65% compared to 41% for non-users). 

The most astounding finding in the research was how the evidence displayed a greater success rate for those using e-cigarettes to help them quit smoking over those who did not use them. People using e-cigarettes noticed an 8.2% rate of success as opposed to those who didn't use e-cigarettes whose success rate was just 4.8% out of everyone surveyed. 

The measure of success was whether people didn't smoke a conventional cigarette for more than three months (after purchasing a vape from PHIX by MLV, for instance). It's critical to know that the conclusions of the research were determined by data analysis and observation. It's still smart to remain a little skeptical about any cause-and-effect relationship with e-cigarettes at this point in the game. 

How PHIX Vape Devices Can Help You Quit Smoking 

There have been numerous studies showcasing the harmful effects of nicotine, and smoking is overall considered to be a habit that causes detrimental effects to your body. For most smokers, quitting is not an easy task to take on. There are a number of methods that can be employed for those who want to kick the habit, but more often than not, they don’t work as intended.

One popular way of quitting is to switch over to e-cigarettes (also known as vapes). Because these vape devices mimic the feeling of smoking, they help the individual make an easier transition onto a better alternative to smoking. Pod mod vapes, like PHIX by MLV, come in easy to use pre-filled e-liquid pods (e-juice pods) are growing in popularity due increased quality and pocket-portability.

Research Behind Vape Devices: How They Help You Stop Smoking

Defeating the Side Effects

There have been numerous studies that showcase the effect that products like these can have on those who want to quit smoking. There are of course ways to improve your chances of relapse when switching over to these alternatives.

Here are a few ways vaping can be helpful when trying to quit:

Psychological Impact

The psychological impact of quitting traditional cigarettes might be quite severe, especially for those who have been smoking for a longer period of time. People who have tried to quit smoking may experience periods of affected mental health. When you quit, your mind expects a certain amount of detrimental effects that you are going to experience.

The mental cravings play a large role in this and can affect the ability of an individual to properly quit the habit. When these things come into play, an individual is left thinking about them more than they should, thereby causing them to sometimes fall back into their old habits.

When an individual starts to vape, their mind is not actively focusing on the fact that they have quit cigarettes, especially because they are using an alternative in this regard.

Lower Exposure To Carcinogens

Much of the debate on whether vapes are better revolves around the idea that these devices are healthier to use than traditional cigarettes. The nicotine content in cigarettes is a lot higher as compared to that which is contained in e-juice.

When an individual smokes a single cigarette, they are often taking in 6-28 mg of nicotine. This number may fluctuate depending on factors like the rate at which the cigarette burns and/or domestic vs. imported brands.

Those who smoke traditional cigarettes are exposed to a higher rate of carcinogens, thereby causing severe effects on one’s body. Those who switch to vapes are exposed to a much lower rate of carcinogens, thereby standing as the better option.

Replicates The Feeling Of Smoking

Sometimes, the nicotine hit that one receives while smoking isn’t what keeps them hooked, but rather the ritual of smoking itself. Taking a break in the middle of work, for example, to go and have a smoke becomes something that individuals partake in as part of a routine, and changing up a routine is hard in itself. While a vaping won’t help you break that routine, it does help you replicate the feeling you get when smoking, while providing you with a healthier alternative.

best vaping devices replicate feeling smoking

Significance for E-Cigarettes 

Not enough time has passed to be able to tell what kind of policy implications this will have on the world of vapes. The discussion surrounding whether or not vapes help people stop smoking has been around ever since smokeless devices ever hit the market. 

Another implication of the research that vape advocates should understand is how other than the benefits such as the improved success rate for vapers, a number of people felt that the study should have gone further to find out the overall efficacy of using smoking alternatives as a tool to quit smoking.

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Source: New York Times

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