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We all have only one set of permanent teeth and when they get stained it can be permanent or long-lasting. Even when staining is not permanent, it can be difficult for even dental experts to remove. For that reason, it is not surprising that the vaping community and those looking to quit smoking would wonder if the vaping effects on teeth are the same as the effects on the teeth of cigarette smoking. 

Does Vaping Stain Your Teeth

Just like the pores on your skin can absorb the materials that they are exposed to, the pores on your teeth will do the same. With cigarettes, the tar and nicotine contained in the tobacco are absorbed into the pores of the teeth causing a discoloration that appears yellow or brown.

Vaping liquid does not contain the tar that the cigarettes have, but it does often contain nicotine. Although nicotine has a yellow hue when it is exposed to oxygen, it is only a minor contributor to the tooth staining that cigarette smoking causes. Some vaping liquids do contain dyes or flavor colorings in them that can result in staining, so it is best to choose one that is not colored. So the answer to the question, "does vaping stain your teeth?" is no, because the main stain causing elements in cigarettes are not present in the vaping liquid and vaping process.Vaping Effects Does Vaping Stain Teeth

Vaping And Teeth Sensitivity

When it comes to the health of your teeth, there are other things you should know about vaping effects on teeth. While teeth sensitivity has been heavily associated with cigarette smoking, the association with vaping and teeth sensitivity is minimal. The chemicals contained in cigarettes that contribute to staining of teeth also have a corrosive effect on the enamel of the teeth.


The less enamel there is on the teeth, the more sensitive they will be. Because going smoke free and switching to vaping is eliminating those chemicals, the enamel will not be damaged any further. 

Here is the bottom line: Does vaping stain teeth? As long as the e-juice is not colored, staining from vaping is either very minimal or nonexistent. Does vaping cause teeth sensitivity? No, it does not eat away at the enamel on the teeth as cigarettes do. If you are thinking about switching your box of cigarettes out for a Phix by MLV vape pen, your teeth and your smile will thank you.

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